Applications of a Crossed Roller Bearing in Manufacturing

A crossed roller bearing is an important manufacturing accessory in the construction industry. It is a compact device with a roller alternatively crossed at all right angles straight to each other and in between the outer and inner rings of a machine. A cross roller bearing tool can move loads of commodities from different directions simultaneously; this could be radial and thrust ( radical and thrust means complicated in this case). This only means that the elastic deformation will be caused by bearing loads.

But this is not a bad thing as the impact should be small. The roller bearing is broadly used in the rotation of the parts of various industrial robots, medical equipment, and others.

If you are not new to that world, then you probably know that these machines need compactness coupled with high rigidity, as well as high rotational accuracy. Besides, the bearings are also constructed of steel. The inner and outer rings come with mounting holes, which are often readily available for use at your request.

Here are the major types of crossed rolling bearing rings.

High Rigidity

This type of bearing comes with an outer as well as inner ring. It has solid-one-piece construction. For that reason, you will achieve high accuracy coupled with high rigidity when using this roller bearing. As separators are inserted in between the different forms of cylindrical rollers for viably smoother operation, the bearings are without a doubt, perfect for applications in which rotational speed is high.

Standard Type Roller Bearings

With standard type roller bearings, the outer ring is constructed of two major split pieces. The elements are bolted together to prevent separation in transit and mounting. Meaning the handling of these bearings is easy; hence the ruuning becomes smoother.

Super Slim Bearings

The super-slim type of roller bearings is compact. It comes with a 5.0 m of height and the same width. The separators incorporated are useful for smooth rotation. The compact nature and light feature play an intense tole in downsizing the machine as well as saving the driving power.

Mounting Hole Type Bearings

The mounting holed types of bearings are rigid in nature. They also have an integral structure for inner and also outer rings, with a mounting hole which allows the device to be attached to the equipment. All too often, it comes as a less subject to the peripheral structures like housing and pressure plate. This implies that the tool can realize rigidity and accuracy guidance.

Final Thoughts


Different types of rollers serve unique purposes in the construction machines. Rollers are often arranged by successfully intersecting orthogonally in between the inner and outer ring of the device or structure. Then there is a separator used to rotate these rollers. It is incorporated in between too. The holes used for mounting facilitate installation to the equipment. A crossed roller bearing is the ideal type for heavy construction machines since it can endure high pressure exerted by machines during construction.